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Saito Kinen Orchestra, John Williams, Stéphane Denève

John Williams in Tokyo (Blu Ray)

Award-winning composer John Williams returns to Japan after 30 years, invited by his friend, the late great conductor Seiji Ozawa. Williams conducts selections from his beloved film scores with the Saito Kinen orchestra – Ozawa’s “musical family”. This new Deutsche Grammophon recording follows his chart-topping concert albums from Berlin and Vienna.

1. Opening 2. Sound the Bells! 3. Tributes! (for Seiji) 4. Suite 5. Three Million Light Years from Home 6. Stargazers 7. Flying Theme 8. John Williams Walks Out On Stage 9. Superman March 10. Hedwig’s Theme 11. Fawkes the Phoenix 12. Harry’s Wondrous World 13. Theme 14. The Rebellion is Reborn 15. Princess Leia’s Theme 16. Throne Room & Finale 17. Yoda's Theme 18. Raiders March 19. The Imperial March 20. Ending Credits ARTISTS Saito Kinen Orchestra John Williams Stéphane Denève