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Simon Preston / Stephen Cleobury

Lassus Choral Music (3CD)

Three original Argo and Decca albums compiled together for the first time: Lassus with an English accent.

The first was made in 1973, and widely recognised as a landmark album for its clarity of inner-part voicing and vivid sensitivity to Lassus’s word-painting. A sequel followed two years later, pairing the fifth of the Penitential Psalms with some of the motets for which the composer is best known such as the splendid ‘Omnes de Saba venient’ and ‘Alma Redemptoris Mater’ with its soaring top line ideally suited to an English cathedral treble line.

A Decca album of three Masses made two decades later, enables instructive comparisons to be made between the pointed attack of Preston’s Christ Church choir in this music with the much smoother euphony of King’s College, Cambridge.

CD 1
Missa Bell’ Amfitrit Altera
Psalmus Poenitentialis VII

CD 2
Omnes de Saba venient
Salve Regina
Alma Redemptoris Mater
Psalmus Poenitentialis V*
Tui sunt coeli

Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford
Simon Preston

CD 3
Missa Super Triste depart
Missa Super Quand’io pens’al martire
Motet: Vinum Bonum
Missa ad imitationem Vinum Bonum

Choir of King’s College, Cambridge
Stephen Cleobury