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Sinikka Langeland

Wind And Sun (CD)

“Being in a room with Sinikka Langeland is like being charmed into a northern forest under a night sky,” wrote Fiona Talkington in Songlines. “Her presence and her voice are magical, but when she plays her kantele you can almost feel nature itself quivering with joy.”

The expressive arc of Sinikka’s music extends from the archaic to the experimental. Rooted in folk forms but wide open in its perspectives it demands – and on Wind and Sun gets – particularly resourceful interpreters. Langeland’s new group is an optimum assembly of Norwegian musicians, each of them an ECM bandleader in his own right, all of them contributing ideas to the ongoing musical conversation – and, as Sinikka says, “taking things further in their incredible improvised solos.”

For her song texts this time, Sinikka turns to the writings of poet and novelist Jon Fosse, one of Norway’s most important contemporary authors. Fosse has described the process of writing as “an act of listening” and wrestles with questions of faith in his work in a way that resonates with Sinikka’s fascination with “natural mysticism”. Wind and Sun, Sinikka Langeland’s eighth ECM album, was recorded at Oslo’s Rainbow Studio in September 2022 and mixed at Munich’s Bavaria Tonstudio in March 2023.

1. Row My Ocean (Jon Fosse, Sinikka Langeland)
2. Wind And Sun (instrumental) (Jon Fosse, Sinikka Langeland)
3. It Walks And Walks (Jon Fosse, Sinikka Langeland)
4. When The Heart Is A Moon (Jon Fosse, Sinikka Langeland)
5. Hands That Held (Jon Fosse, Sinikka Langeland)
6. A Child Who Exists (Jon Fosse, Geirr Tveitt, Sinikka Langeland)
7. A Window Tells (Jon Fosse, Sinikka Langeland)
8. The Love (Jon Fosse, Sinikka Langeland)
9. Wind Song (Jon Fosse, Sinikka Langeland)
10. A Child Who Exists (var.) (Jon Fosse, Geirr Tveitt, Sinikka Langeland)
11. Wind And Sun (Jon Fosse, Sinikka Langeland)
12. You Hear My Heart Come (Jon Fosse, Sinikka Langeland)