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Sir Adrian Boult

Handel: Messiah; Acis and Galatea (4CD)

Coupled together for the first time on CD are Sir Adrian Boult's two major Handel recordings for Decca – of the oratorio Messiah and the pastoral masque Acis and Galatea. Messiah is performed in unashamed grand tradition and this reissue is notable for the fact that it includes, as a bonus track, the first ever release of the tenor version of the recitative and arioso "Thy rebuke … Behold and see." The alternative version for soprano was chosen for the main recording and this wonderfully pliant reading by Kenneth McKellar will come as a revelation to many. Joan Sutherland appears on both works and the rest of the cast includes several notable singers living and/or working in England at the time – Peter Pears, David Ward, Owen Brannigan and David Galliver. The booklet includes the original notes as well as full texts for both works.

Alternative recitative/arioso: "Thy rebuke … Behold and see"*

Joan Sutherland, soprano
Grace Bumbry, alto
Kenneth McKellar, tenor*
David Ward, bass
London Symphony Chorus
London Symphony Orchestra
Sir Adrian Boult

Acis and Galatea
Alternative aria: "O ruddier than the cherry"°
Joan Sutherland, soprano (Galatea)
Sir Peter Pears, tenor (Acis)
Owen Brannigan, bass (Polyphemus)°
David Galliver, tenor (Damon)
St. Anthony Singers
Philomusica of London
Sir Adrian Boult