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Slava Grigoryan / Leonard Grigoryan / Joseph Tawadros / James Tawadros

Band Of Brothers (CD)

Slava & Leonard, Joseph & James — one super group, two sets of siblings, and four internationally acclaimed musicians: this brotherly collaboration displays sibling revelry at its best.

Regarded as two of Australia's finest classical guitarists, Slava and Leonard Grigoryan join Joseph Tawadros, master of the oud, and James Tawadros, world-class percussionist specialising on the req, an Egyptian tambourine, to perform a repertoire that crosses cultural and stylistic barriers... from world music, to jazz, to classical and traditional.


1. Anubis
2. Journey
3. Ten Ten
4. Req Solo - Freo Intro
5. Freo
6. Sahara
7. Blackbird s
8. Moon Beam
9. Lucca

Slava Grigoryan - Classical Guitar, Guitar Synth
Leonard Grigoryan - Classical, Electric and 12 String Guitars
Joseph Tawadros - Oud, Violin
James Tawadros - Bendir, Cajon, Req