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Sophie Hutchings

A World Outside (CD)

With glowing praise from Mojo, The Guardian along with twice nominated for the Australian Music Prize and the National Live Music Awards’ top five live instrumentalists of the year, Sophie Hutchings is back with her new album A World Outside for Mercury KX.

An avid surfer and deep lover of the outdoors Sophie draws inspiration from the land for her new album.

Says Sophie “This road trip was really about delving into the heart and soul of the land. Finding inspiration from its core. From the wild ghostly emptiness to its mystical other worldliness.

It’s as though the band speaks. Whispers echoing around you as you look out beyond what seems to be an endless rugged landscape..

Contemplating textures of these rugged remote landscapes and interpreting that experience through music, from daydreaming through sunrises to hearing melodies in the wind…”

“her rippling piano has an intimate, contemplative quality…a genuine sense of beauty” The Guardian

“Stirring, vigorous, grandly melodic” Mojo

1. Dreaming The Stars
2. A Dead Sea’s Ripples
3. The Golden Eternity
4. This Elusive Land
5. Cloud Beneath The Sea
6. Into The Wild
7. Swimming Into The Light
8. Eyes On The Sun
9. Back of Beyond
10. The Wind That Circles Us