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Stanley Turrentine

Hustlin' (LP)

Stanley Turrentine’s 1960s Blue Note output was reliably excellent, but this 1964 session featuring his thick, blues-drenched tenor saxophone backed by organist Shirley Scott, guitarist Kenny Burrell, bassist Bob Cranshaw, and drummer Otis Finch, surely ranks with his very best.

From the relentless groove of “Trouble (No. 2)” to the scorching dialog between Turrentine and Burrell on “Ladyfingers” to the deep swinging blues of the title track, Hustlin’ is must-have music for fans of Stanley Turrentine.

Blue Note Tone Poet Series

1. Trouble (No. 2)
2. Love Letters
3. The Hustler

1. Ladyfingers
2. Something Happens To Me
3. Goin' Home