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Stephan Micus

Thunder (CD)

This album marks the 25th solo album of Stephan Micus for ECM. Its sound is dominated by the four-metre long Tibetan dung chen trumpet, an instrument he has recently learned and is using for the first time. It was the thunderous sound of this instrument that led to the album’s name and its nine tracks celebrating deities around the world. “I dedicate this music to the big family of thundergods around the world, humbly hoping that - when they hear it - their destructive powers will be somehow pacified,” he says. It features instruments - all played by Stephan Micus - from Tibet, India, Burma, Borneo, Siberia, Japan, South America, Gambia, Namibia, Sweden and Bavaria. The album will be released to coincide with Stephan’s 70th birthday.

1. A Song For Thor
2. A Song For Raijin
3. A Song For Armazi
4. A Song For Shango
5. A Song For Vajrapani
6. A Song For Leigong
7. A Song For Zeus
8. A Song For Ihskur
9. A Song For Perun