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Steve Tibbetts

Hellbound Train: An Anthology (2CD)

Hellbound Train is a double-album retrospective from Steve Tibbetts with music selected by the US guitarist from 40 years of recordings on ECM. Neatly divided into electric and acoustic chapters, the anthology juxtaposes pieces originally featured on the albums Northern Song, Safe Journey, Exploded View, Big Map Idea, The Fall Of Us All, A Man About A Horse, Natural Causes and Life Of. With its liquid melodies and textures and hypnotic patterns and pulsations subtly influenced by music of many cultures, it’s an ideal introduction to a unique body of work. At different times Tibbetts might seem closer to minimalism, alternate rock or ambient music, yet his artistic signature is unmistakable.

CD 1
Full Moon Dogs (Steve Tibbetts)
Chandoha (Steve Tibbetts)
Lochana (Steve Tibbetts)
Black Temple (Steve Tibbetts)
Burning Temple (Steve Tibbetts)
Glass Everywhere (Steve Tibbetts)
Roam And Spy (Mike Olson, Steve Tibbetts)
Hellbound Train (Steve Tibbetts)
Nyemma (Steve Tibbetts)
Your Cat (Marc Anderson, Steve Tibbetts)
Vision (Marc Anderson, Steve Tibbetts)

CD 2
Chandogra (Steve Tibbetts)
Climbing (Marc Anderson, Steve Tibbetts)
Black Mountain Side (Jimmy Page)
Start (Steve Tibbetts)
100 Moons (Steve Tibbetts)
Mile 234 (Marc Anderson, Steve Tibbetts)
Wish (Marc Anderson, Steve Tibbetts)
Ishvarana (Steve Tibbetts)
Bloowork (Steve Tibbetts)
Life Of Someone (Steve Tibbetts)
Life Of Emily (Steve Tibbetts)
The Big Wind (Marc Anderson, Steve Tibbetts)
Aerial View (Marc Anderson, Steve Tibbetts)
Night Again (Marc Anderson, Steve Tibbetts)
My Last Chance (Steve Tibbetts)
End Again (Steve Tibbetts)
Threnody (Steve Tibbetts)