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Steven Price

Our Planet (2LP)

Music from the Netflix Official Series ‘Our Planet’ (narrated by David Attenborough) composed by Steven Price (Gravity, Attack The Block). Price has co-written the closing track on the album with Ellie Goulding (WWF Ambassador) ‘In It Together’.


LP 1:

Side A
1. This Is Our Planet
2. The Numbers Build
3. They Work As A Team
4. The Importance Of This River
5. An Ingenious Technique
6. The Ocean Returns The Favour

Side B
1. Mayflies
2. Baby Blue
3. Frozen Worlds
4. Great Rolling Waves
5. The Perfect Gift

LP 2:

Side A
1. The Oceans Belong To Us All
2. They Came Back
3. The Mighty Mekong
4. Where Life Gathers
5. Chernobyl

Side B
1. Corals
2. Leaf Cutters
3. This Glacial Ice
4. A Greater Resilience
5. The Next Twenty Years
6. In This Together