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Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

Peggy Glanville-Hicks: Etruscan Concerto (CD)

One of the major figures in Australia’s musical heritage, Peggy Glanville-Hicks’s work has been unjustly neglected and rarely recorded. This album presents a rare opportunity to enjoy the glowing colours of her orchestral writing as she conjures up the mysteries of the ancient Etruscans and perfumed evenings in Morocco, as well as the final scene from her final opera, Sappho.


Etruscan Concerto
1 I. Promenade
2 II. Meditation
3 III. Scherzo
Caroline Almonte piano
4 Sappho – Final Scene
Deborah Riedel soprano
5 Tragic Celebration
Letters from Morocco
6 I. Wind, water, birds and animals
7 II. Man is hated in the Sahara
8 III. There are concerts here
9 IV. I have found a new candy
10 V. The streets smell of orange-blossom
11 VI. Sometimes at that hour there are drums
12 VII. Toward sundown

Gerald English tenor
Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra
Richard Mills & Antony Walker conductors