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Teddy Tahu Rhodes

I'll Walk Beside You (CD)

Teddy Tahu Rhodes, Australia's favourite baritone, returns with his first solo album in four years.

I'll Walk Beside You features music of journeys, physical, emotional and spiritual: from one land to another, life to death, wakefulness to sleep, love to loss, and despair to hope.

1. TRAD Raglan Road 2. MYERS She Was Beautiful (Cavatina, from The Deer Hunter) 3. ANON Hoea ra 4. TRAD Botany Bay 5. MURRAY I'll Walk Beside You 6. JAMES Comrades of Mine from Six Australian Bush Songs 7. WOOD Roses of Picardy 8. TCHAIKOVSKY None but the Lonely Heart 9. TRAD Deep River 10. TRAD Klezmer Dances [Instrumental] 11. DVORAK Goin' Home 12. TRAD Eriskay Love Lilt 13. ANON Still, Still, Still 14. LOWRY Shall We Gather by the River 15. SCHUBERT Du bist die Ruh 16. TRAD Pō atarau 17. TRAD Shenandoah 18. TRAD Loch Lomond Teddy Tahu Rhodes, baritone
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