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The Idea Of North

Ballads (CD)

This album showcases what The Idea of North does best: beautiful songs in stunning arrangements. The Ballads concept began seven years ago with a concert of Ballads by Candelight in the group's home town of Adelaide. It was so successful that they've been touring that concert all over the country ever since.

1. Flame Trees (Cold Chisel)
2. A Country Mile (The Idea of North)
3. Fields Of Gold (Sting)
4. Heidenröslein (Heinrich Werner)
5. Angel (Sarah McLachlan)
6. My One & Only Love (Frank Sinatra)
7. Too Much Heaven (Bee Gees)
8. I Said No (Jo Lawry)
9. Ode To Oli (feat. Kristin Berardi) (Kristin Berardi)
10. The Pirate’s Bride (Sting)
11. When All Is Said & Done (ABBA)
12. Dance Medley (Jack O’Hagan) – Josie & Me – Blue Rhythm – One Little Kiss In The Moonlight
13. A Sailor’s Lament (The Idea of North) 14.Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) (Billy Joel)