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The Seekers

The Seekers: 25 Year Reunion Celebration Live In Concert (DVD)

Everyone said it was impossible … yet 25 years after they last sang together, a long-held dream came true – Judith Durham reuniting with The Seekers. This 25 Year Reunion Celebration is the stuff of legend. Fans of all ages – including many young people who thought they were never going to have the chance to see the group perform live – are on their feet.


Transported back in time, we are absorbed in the innocence, joy and emotion of a special hit sound that these four people made famous. Judith Durham, Athol Guy, Keith Potger and Bruce Woodley captivate and delight us with a breathtaking two-hour spectacle of sound and colour, and beautiful musical arrangements of their perennial favourites captured for all time on 5 May 1993 at the Melbourne Concert Hall.

1. When The Stars Begin To Fall
2. With My Swag All On My Shoulder
3. Myra
4. Plaisir D' Amour
5. Lemon Tree / The Times They Are A Changin' / Puff The Magic Dragon
6. Morningtown Ride
7. You're My Spirit
8. Kumbaya
9. This Little Light Of Mine / Open Up Them Pearly Gates / We Shall Not Be Moved (Medley)
10. Open Up Them Pearly Gates
11. One World Love
12. Devoted To You
13. Colours Of My Life
14. Time And Again
15. I Am Australian
16. I'll Never Find Another You
17. Georgy Girl
18. A World Of Our Own
19. The Carnival Is Over
20. Keep A Dream In Your Pocket