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Tord Gustavsen Trio

Opening (CD)

On the album Opening, Tord Gustavsen reveals a fresh angle to his particularly unique trio investigations into Scandinavian folk hymns, gospel, chorale and jazz, as he introduces a different voice on bass. With a new fellow-traveller on board and its recording premiere in Lugano's Auditorio Stelio Molo, the trio discovers inspired new ways to interact with each other, using innovative approaches to sound and technique in the process. Made up in equal parts of intricately textured improvisations and understated melodic hooks, the group's conversations bring an enticing unfamiliarity to the language the Norwegian pianist has developed over almost two decades of collaboration with ECM.


1. The Circle
2. Findings / Visa från Rättvik
3. Opening
4. The Longing
5. Shepherd Song
6. Helensburgh Tango
7. Re-Opening
8. Findings II
9. Stream
10. Ritual