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Tori Amos

Christmastide (LP)

A beautiful bespoke, heavyweight 12” vinyl EP. With matt lamination finishing, the gatefold EP opens up to reveal a personal Christmas card from Tori herself, an illustrated card with a personal message of love, perfectly tucked into the sleeve with a diagonal die-cut groove. Tori writes: ‘Christmastide is a little collection of songs that I wanted to share to try and raise all of our spirits. This time of year, has long been associated with the giving of gifts, sharing and a time with family. This year we should also be thinking of hope and unity for the coming months and helping each other rise and continue working together to forge a more compassionate future. we must try to continue to be positive and know that we will be in a better place soon.’

1. Christmastide
2. Circle of Seasons
3. Holly
4. Better Angels