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From Melba To Sutherland: Australian Singers On Record (4CD)

A cavalcade of Australia’s greatest singers – in a unique new 4-CD set, complete with biographies of each of the 80 artists, rare photographs, all contained within a 68-page booklet.


CD 1
NELLIE MELBA soprano 1861–1931
Gounod: Ah! Je ris (Jewel Song) (Faust)
Landon Ronald, piano
Recorded: 4 September 1905

Bemberg: Nymphs et sylvains
Landon Ronald, piano
Recorded: March 1904

BROWNING MUMMERY tenor 1888–1974
JOHN BROWNLEE baritone 1900–1969
Puccini: Addio, dolce svegliare (Quartet) (La bohème)
with Aurora Rettore, soprano
Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
Vincenzo Bellezza
Recorded live: 8 June 1926

FRANCES SAVILLE soprano 1862–1935
Massenet: Obéissons, quand leur voix appelle (Gavotte) (Manon)
with piano
Recorded: Vienna, 1902–3

ADA CROSSLEY contralto 1871–1929
Mallinson: New Year Song
Christopher H. H. Booth, piano
Recorded: Philadelphia, PA, 30 April 1903

FRANCES ALDA soprano 1879–1952
Verdi: Miserere (Il trovatore) with Enrico Caruso, tenor
with orchestra
Recorded: Camden, New Jersey, 27 December 1909

Puccini: In quelle trine morbide (Manon Lescaut)
Orchestra/Rosario Bourdon
Recorded: Liederkranz Hall, New York, 26 June 1928

AMY CASTLES soprano 1880–1951
Verdi: Caro nome (Rigoletto)
with piano
Recorded: London, 16 September 1906

IRENE AINSLEY contralto 1883–1968
Metcalf: Absent with piano
Recorded: London, 1907

EVELYN SCOTNEY soprano 1887–1967
Auber: C’est l’histoire amoureuse (Manon Lescaut)
Orchestra/Eugene Goossens
Recorded: 20 January 1925

STELLA POWER soprano 1896–1977
Donizetti: Regnava nel silenzio (Lucia di Lammermoor)
Orchestra/Frank St. Leger
Recorded: 23 December 1919

MARIE NARELLE soprano 1870–1941
Balfe: Killarney
with orchestra
Recorded: New York, 1910

LALLA MIRANDA soprano 1871–1940
Verdi: Follie! Follie! … Sempre libera (La traviata) (sung in French)
with orchestra
Recorded: France c.1904

ROSINA BUCKMAN soprano 1881–1848
Puccini: One fine day (Un bel dì vedremo) (Madama Butterfly)
Royal Albert Hall Orchestra/Eugene Goossens
Recorded: London, 4 April 1924

GERTRUDE JOHNSON soprano 1894–1973
Scott: Lullaby
Cyril Scott, piano
Recorded: London, 1929

ELLA CASPERS contralto 1887–1971
Molloy: Darby and Joan
with piano
Recorded: London, 1913

DOROTHY HELMRICH mezzo-soprano 1889–1984
Schumann: Thou art so like a flower (Du bist wie eine Blume) (Myrthen)
Hubert Foss, piano
Recorded: 8 November 1933

EILEEN BOYD contralto 1890–1975
Brahe: I passed by your window with piano
Recorded: Sydney, 9 February 1927

CLARA SERENA contralto 1890–1972
Saint-Saëns: Tonight … O love, from thy power (Samson … Amour, viens aider) (Samson et Dalila)
Orchestra/Stanford Robinson
Recorded: 25 February 1929

ESSIE ACKLAND contralto 1896–1975
Brahe: Bless this house
Herbert Dawson, Kingsway Hall organ
Recorded: Kingsway Hall, London, 10 March 1933 · HMV B 4439

ALFRED HILL tenor 1869–1960
Hill: Waiata Poi
Mirrie Hill, piano
Recorded: 9 July 1926 · Matrix Bb 8717–I · HMV test recording S/S 6-2688 unpublished

WALTER KIRBY tenor 1877–1934
Kneass: Ben Bolt (Trilby’s Song)
with piano
Recorded: Sydney, 20 January 1927

BROWNING MUMMERY tenor 1888–1974
Leoncavallo: No! Punchinello, no more (No! Pagliaccio non son) (Pagliacci)
Orchestra/John Barbirolli
Recorded: London, 17 July 1929

ALFRED O’SHEA tenor 1889–1954
MacMorrough: Macushla with orchestra
Recorded: Sydney, May 1928

LIONELLO CECIL tenor 1893–1957
Puccini: Amore o grillo (Madama Butterfly)
with Vittorio Weinberg, baritone
Orchestra of La Scala, Milan/Carlo Sabajno
Recorded: Milan, 25 October 1929 · HMV C 1951

HORACE STEVENS bass-baritone 1876–1950
Elgar: Jesu! by that shuddering dread (The Dream of Gerontius)
London Symphony Orchestra
Edward Elgar
Recorded live: Hereford Cathedral, 6 September 1927

CD 2
ANDREW BLACK baritone 1859–1920
Sullivan: Time was when love and I (Curate’s Song) (The Sorcerer)
with piano
Recorded: London, November 1905 · G&T 3–2327

PETER DAWSON bass-baritone 1882–1962
Handel: Honour and Arms (Samson)
George Byng
Recorded: London, 1 November 1927 · HMV C 1500

James: Six Australian Bush Songs
No. 1 The Land of Who Knows Where
No. 2 Bush Silence
No. 4 Comrades of Mine
No. 5 Bush Night Song
No. 6 The Stockrider’s Song
Gerald Moore, piano
Recorded: London, 12 October 1927

Trad. Cornish arr. Moss: The Floral Dance
Gerald Moore, piano
Recorded: London, 14 January 1927

MALCOLM McEACHERN bass 1883–1945
Handel: O ruddier than the cherry (Acis and Galatea)
Clarence Raybould
Recorded: London, 21 June 1935

HAROLD WILLIAMS baritone 1893–1976
Cowan: Onaway, awake beloved
Clarence Raybould
Recorded: London, 11 December 1931

Villaume: Old John Bax
Maynard Wilkinson, piano
Recorded: Sydney, March 1955, unpublished

JOHN BROWNLEE baritone 1900–1969
Mozart: Deh vieni alla finestra (Serenade) (Don Giovanni)
Glyndebourne Festival Orchestra
Fritz Busch
Recorded: Glyndebourne Opera House, 5 July 1936

RICHARD WATSON bass 1903–1968
Sullivan: When a felon’s not engaged in his employment (Policeman’s Song)(The Pirates of Penzance)
D’Oyly Carte Opera Chorus
New Promenade Orchestra
Isadore Godfrey
Recorded: London, 29 July 1949

LEMPRIÈRE PRINGLE bass 1868–1914
Wagner: The King’s Prayer (Lohengrin) (sung in English)
with orchestra
Recorded: London, c.1910

ELSA STRALIA soprano 1881–1945
Wagner: Elisabeth’s Greeting (Tannhäuser) (sung in English)
Hamilton Harty
Recorded: 5 May 1920

FLORENCE AUSTRAL soprano 1892– 1968
Wagner: Ho-jo-to-ho (Brünnhilde’s Battlecry) (Die Walküre)
Spencer Clay
Recorded: Hayes, 7 September 1922

FREDERICK COLLIER bass 1885–1964
Wagner: Welches Unholds List (Götterdämmerung)
London Symphony Orchestra
Albert Coates
Recorded: Kingsway Hall, London, 18 October 1928

MARGHERITA GRANDI soprano 1894–1972
Verdi: La luce langue (Macbeth)
Scottish Orchestra
Berthold Goldschmidt
Recorded live: King’s Theatre, Edinburgh, 27 August 1947

MARJORIE LAWRENCE soprano 1907–1979
Wagner: Starke Scheite (Brünnhilde’s Immolation) (Götterdämmerung) opening(sung in French)
Orchestre de l’Association des Concerts Pasdeloup
Piero Coppola
Recorded: Paris, 23 October 1933

Rachmaninov: Floods of Spring, Op. 14 No. 11
Ivor Newton, piano
Recorded: London, 2 July 1946

SYLVIA FISHER soprano 1910–1996
Britten: Is this all you can bring? (Albert Herring)
with Johanna Peters contralto
English Chamber Orchestra
Benjamin Britten
Recorded: Jubilee Hall, Aldeburgh, 1–8 April 1964

SYRIA LAMONTE soprano 1869–1935
Trad: Comin’ thro’ the rye
with piano
Recorded: 31 Maiden Lane, London, 2 September 1898

HAMILTON HILL baritone 1868–1910
Hill: The Boys’ Brigade
with military band
Recorded: 24 August 1906

VIOLET MOUNT (L’INCOGNITA) soprano 1875–1972
Bishop: Lo! Here the gentle lark
John Amadio, flute
George W. Byng
Recorded: London, 23 September 1921

ALBERT WHELAN music hall singer and whistler 1875‒1961
Thurban: The Whistling Bowery Boy
with orchestra
Recorded: London, 7 November 1905

FLORRIE FORDE contralto 1876–1940
Murphy & Lipton: Oh! Oh! Antonio
with orchestra
Recorded: London, 22 September 1908

BILLY WILLIAMS comedian 1878–1915
Weston & Barnes: When father papered the parlour
with orchestra
Recorded: London, 18 February 1910


CD 3
GLADYS MONCRIEFF soprano 1892–1976
Fraser-Simson: Love will find a way (The Maid of the Mountains)
Columbia Concert Orchestra
Gilbert Dechelette
Recorded: Sydney, 12 December 1928

ROBERT CHISHOLM baritone 1894–1960
Tate: A Paradise for Two (The Maid of the Mountains)
with orchestra
Recorded: London, June 1926

STRELLA WILSON soprano 1894–1989
Friml: Some Day (The Vagabond King)
with chorus and orchestra of radio program ‘Show of Shows’
Recorded: Sydney, 26 September 1941

CLEMENT Q. WILLIAMS baritone 1898–1957
O’Hagan: Let’s take a trip to Melbourne
with orchestra
Recorded: Sydney, 19 October 1934

MALCOLM McEACHERN bass 1883–1945
Hilliam & McEachern: Is ’e an Aussie, Lizzie, is ’e?
Flotsam and Jetsam (with B. C. Hilliam, tenor & piano)
Recorded: London, 20 October 1939

ROSINA RAISBECK mezzo-soprano 1916–2006
Rodgers: Climb Every Mountain (The Sound of Music)
Orchestra of the Princess Theatre, Melbourne
Eric Clapham
Recorded: Princess Theatre, Melbourne, 1961

JUNE BRONHILL soprano 1929–2005
Rodgers: The Sound of Music (The Sound of Music)
Orchestra of the Princess Theatre, Melbourne
Eric Clapham
Recorded: Princess Theatre, Melbourne, 1961 · OCSD 7580
P 1961 EMI Australia Ltd

JOAN HAMMOND soprano 1912–1996
Puccini: O my beloved father (O mio babbino caro) (Gianni Schicchi)
Hallé Orchestra
Leslie Heward
Recorded: Belle Vue, Manchester, 29 September 1941

Charpentier: Depuis le jour (Louise)
Hallé Orchestra
Warwick Braithwaite
Recorded: Houldsworth Hall, Manchester, 28 September 1942

GLENDA RAYMOND soprano 1922–2003
Thomas: I am Titania (Je suis Titania) (Mignon)
Australian Symphony Orchestra
Hector Crawford
Recorded: 1947–53

ELSIE MORISON soprano 1924–2016
JOHN CAMERON baritone 1918–2002
Berlioz: O mon cher fils (L’Enfance du Christ)
St. Anthony Singers
Goldsbrough Orchestra
Colin Davis
Recorded: Battersea Town Hall, London, October 1960

ANGELINA ARENA soprano born 1926
Verdi: Saper vorreste (Un ballo in maschera)
Queensland Symphony Orchestra
Wilfred Lehmann
Recorded: 1974

MARIE COLLIER soprano 1927–1971
Richard Strauss: Ich kann nicht sitzen (Elektra)
with Birgit Nilsson, soprano
Wiener Philharmoniker / Georg Solti
Recorded: Sofiensaal, Vienna, 14 June, 30 November 1966, 22 February & 14–15 June 1967

NANCE GRANT soprano born 1931
Wagner: Du bist der Lenz (Die Walküre)
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Leif Segerstam
Recorded: Melbourne Town Hall, September 1979

RITA HUNTER soprano 1933–2001
Ponchielli: Suicidio! (La Gioconda)
Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra
Dobbs Franks
Recorded: Government House, Hobart, August 1989

LORNA SYDNEY mezzo-soprano 1910–1974
Mahler: Urlicht (Symphony No. 2 ‘Resurrection’)
Wiener Staatsopernorchester
Felix Prohaska
Recorded: Vienna, 1951

YVONNE MINTON mezzo-soprano born 1938
Mahler: Rheinlegendchen (Des Knaben Wunderhorn)
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Georg Solti
Recorded: Medinah Temple, Chicago, 1 & 7 April 1970

MAX WORTHLEY tenor 1913–1999
Purcell: All our days and our nights (The Masque in Dioclesian)
Choir and Orchestra of the Concentus Musicus, Wien
Nikolaus Harnoncourt
Recorded: Palais Schönburg, Vienna, 1965

DONALD SMITH tenor 1922–1998
19 Verdi: O figli miei! … Ah, la paterna mano (Macbeth, Act IV)
Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra
Vanco Cavdarski
Recorded: ABC Studios, Hobart, 1973

HAROLD BLAIR tenor 1924–1976
Trad. Aboriginal arr: Loam: Maranoa Lullaby
with piano accompaniment
Recorded: 1950 · Private recording

JOHN CAMERON baritone 1918–2002
21 German: The Yeomen of England (Merrie England)
New Symphony Orchestra & Chorus
Victor Olof
Recorded: Decca Studios, West Hampstead, London, 9–11 March 1953


CD 4
RONALD DOWD tenor 1914–1990
Berlioz: Sanctus (Grand Messe des Morts, Op. 5)
Wandsworth School Boys’ Choir
London Symphony Chorus & Orchestra
Colin Davis
Recorded: Westminster Cathedral, London, November 1969

KENNETH NEATE tenor 1914–1997
Puccini: Nessun dorma (Turandot)
Orchestre Philharmonique de Paris
Napoleone Annovazzi
Recorded: Salle Wagram, Paris, 1956

RAYMOND NILSSON tenor 1920–1998
JOHN LANIGAN tenor 1921–1996
Britten: People! … No! I will speak! (Peter Grimes)
with James Pease, baritone
Jean Watson, contralto
Claire Watson, soprano
Orchestra and Chorus of the Royal Opera House
Benjamin Britten
Recorded: Walthamstow Assembly Hall, December 1958

GLENDA RAYMOND soprano 1922–2003
Puccini: Lovely maid in the moonlight (O soave fanciulla) (La Bohème)
Australian Symphony Orchestra
Hector Crawford
Recorded: 1947–1953

ALBERT LANCE tenor 1925–2013
Bizet: La fleur que tu m’avais jetée (Carmen)
Orchestre du Théâtre National de l’Opéra de Paris
Roberto Benzi
Recorded: Paris, June 1960

JOHN SHAW baritone 1924–2003
Donizetti: Cruda, funesta smania … La pietada in suo favore (Lucia di Lammermoor)
with Robert Bowman, tenor · Joseph Rouleau, bass
Orchestra and Chorus of the Royal Opera House
Tullio Serafin
Recorded: London, 1959

ROBERT ALLMAN bass-baritone 1927–2013
Verdi: Una fatale del mio destino (La forza del destino)
Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Eric Clapham
Recorded: ABC Music Studios, Sydney, 1978

CLIFFORD GRANT bass born 1930
Massenet: De l’autel vénéré … O divine Esclarmonde! (Esclarmonde)
John Alldis Choir
National Philharmonic Orchestra
Richard Bonynge
Recorded: Kingsway Hall, London, 2–5 & 9–15 July 1975

GEOFFREY CHARD baritone born 1930
HEATHER BEGG mezzo-soprano 1929–2009
Meale: I am behind you, Voss … Nothing could be safer or more solid (Voss)
Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Stuart Challender
Recorded: Sydney, 1987

ROBERT GARD tenor born 1927
Meale: I am looking at the map of my hand (Voss)
Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Stuart Challender
Recorded: Sydney, 1987

NEIL WARREN-SMITH bass-baritone 1930–1981
Verdi: Vieni o levita … Tu sul labbro (Nabucco)
Ensemble of cellos led by Gregory Elmaloglou
Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Eric Clapham
Recorded: ABC Music Studios, Sydney, 1978

LAURIS ELMS mezzo-soprano born 1931
Graun: Se il dovere in quest’addio (Montezuma)
Geoffrey Parsons, Valda Aveling, harpsichords
London Philharmonic Orchestra
Richard Bonynge
Recorded: Kingsway Hall, London, 21–30 March, 1 April & 2 September 1966

MARGRETA ELKINS mezzo-soprano 1930–2009
Elgar: In Haven (Capri) (Sea Pictures, Op. 37)
Queensland Symphony Orchestra
Werner Andreas Albert
Recorded: ABC Studios, Brisbane, August 1983

JOAN SUTHERLAND soprano 1926–2010
Rossini: La fioraia fiorentina
Richard Bonynge, piano
Recorded: London, 20 June 1958

Donizetti: Ah! tardai troppo … O luce di quest’anima (Linda di Chamounix)
Orchestre de la Société des Concerts du Conservatoire
Nello Santi
Recorded: La Maison de la Chimie, Paris, 28–30 April 1959

Gounod: Oh Dieu! Que de bijoux … Ah! Je ris (Jewel Song) (Faust)
Orchestra of the Royal Opera House
Francesco Molinari-Pradelli
Recorded: Kingsway Hall, London, 12 July & 15–18 August, 1960

JOAN CARDEN soprano born 1937
18 Catalani: Ebben? … Ne andrò lontana (La Wally)
Queensland Philharmonic Orchestra
Roderick Brydon
Recorded: Brisbane, 29 January 1996

YVONNE KENNY soprano born 1950
Novello: We’ll gather lilacs (Perchance to Dream)
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Vladimir Kamirski
Recorded: Melbourne, 1993 · ABC Classics 442 509-2
P 1994 Australian Broadcasting Corporation

DEBORAH RIEDEL soprano 1958–2009
Kálmán: Mary kam vom gold’nen Strande (Die Herzogin von Chicago)
Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra
Richard Bonynge
Recorded: SFB Studios, Berlin, 2–8 February 1998

EMMA MATTHEWS soprano born 1970
Gounod: Dieu ! quel frisson … Amour, ranime mon courage (Roméo et Juliette)
Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte-Carlo
Brad Cohen
Recorded: Auditorium Rainier III, Monte Carlo, 16 September 2008