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Vox Clamantis

Music by Henrik Ødegaard (CD)

On this newest release, the Vox Clamantis choir, under the direction of Jaan-Eik Tulve, turns its attention towards Norwegian composer Henrik Ødegaard with a fine-drawn programme of liturgical choral music.

In a subtle sleight of hand, Ødegaard’s compositions interweave Gregorian chant with Norwegian folk song. The composer employs Gregorian and paschal hymns as source material, from which he then draws his own polyphonic layers and extensions.

The main work here is the eight-part Meditations over St. Mary Magdalene’s Feast in Nidaros, based on antiphons found in a 13th-century manuscript from medieval Scandinavia. Ødegaard’s compositional process transfigures these antiphons, sensitively brought to light by Vox Clamantis.

On past ECM recordings, the choir has recorded works of Arvo Pärt, Erkki-Sven Tüür and most recently Estonian composer Cyrillus Kreek – an acclaimed recording, which BBC described as “magic of another sphere”. The new album was recorded at the St. Nicholas Dome in Haapsalu, Estonia in March 2021.

1. Jesu, dulcis memoria (Traditional, Henrik Ødegaard)
2. Alleluia. Pascha nostrum (Traditional)
3. O filii et filiæ (Traditional, Henrik Ødegaard)
4. Kyrie (Traditional)
5. Pater noster (Traditional)
Meditations over St. Mary Magdalene's feast in Nidaros (Traditional, Henrik Ødegaard)
6. I. Maria dilexit multum
7. II. Psalm 62 (vul. 63) / Antiphon "Mihi osculum non desisti"
8. III. Canticum Trium Puerorum / Antiphon "Oleo caput meum non unxisti"
9. IV. Psalm 148-150 / Antiphon "Ideoque dico tibi"
10. V. Benedictus / Antiphon "In diebus illis"
11. VI. Hymn "Æterne Deus omnium"
12. VII. Magnificat / Antiphon "O, Maria, mater pia"
13. VIII. Maria, tibi persolvum